About Anne D. Johnson

Master Sales Consultant and Trainer,
BSc Consumer Management

How I got here:

Anne JohnsonI was raised in MI by parents who believed their children could achieve “anything” and that it was up to us to create our own success.

My parents were professionals who strongly believed in giving back to under-served communities, both locally and globally. Our door was always open, people from all walks of life came and went, and learned about people and life…

I have always had a soft spot for the underdog, a zero tolerance for discrimination, and an interest in what drives behavior.

It’s no big surprise that I earned a bachelor’s degree in Consumer Management and felt drawn to community education. However, my love of the sales process and destiny to become an agent of change in the business world did come as a surprise.

My career has been diverse, interesting, and provided lots of opportunity to give back and serve others. The stories that stand out in my mind are the ones in which I could help people thrive during difficult circumstances, while facing their worst fears.

I still recall the rainy Tuesday evening in 1985 when I spoke to a group of elderly widows about managing their finances. They were grieving, scared, and faced with making financial decisions all alone for the first time.

That group taught me about vulnerability and impressed upon me a sense of responsibility to teach what I could to those who needed to learn what I already knew. I was blessed with a “calling” that night to excel as a coach and not waiver when circumstances were difficult, it’s a philosophy that has worked in every size and type of business.

What is so different about me?

Early in my career someone said to me, “You think differently than most people.” Yes, I had heard that before, never in a good way. He quickly explained, “It’s a good thing. Please don’t stop. We need people like you to show us “alternatives” to the way we do business.”

Until then I had considered “thinking differently than most people” a personal challenge. I asked so many questions to be sure I was on the same page as everyone else that I was nicknamed the “Queen of Clarifying Questions”. Now I understood, “thinking differently” wasn’t a problem, it was my unique Gift!

Those words introduced an “alternative perspective”, a different view of myself that felt great.

Everything changed.

I experienced first-hand how one simple shift in my awareness had the power to eliminate self-imposed fears. It changed my thoughts, my confidence, and my behavior in a positive way. Right away I saw how simple shifts in my awareness could be applied to different parts of the sales process.

My personal sales skyrocketed so I developed a unique proprietary sales system called, “Alternative Selling Perspectives” to share with others and my purpose in life and my passion for serving others took on a whole new level of clarity.

I knew I could deliver a lot of value to people who were struggling in sales by sharing my years of experience, time tested knowledge, and unique sales tips.

How it benefits you:

My unique approach to selling breaks down the barriers, eliminates fear, and opens the door to building the confidence and sales skills that entrepreneurs, business owners, and sales professionals can use to immediately to make more sales, in less time, without feeling pushy or aggressive!

Some of what I say, you may have heard before. But hearing it from a new perspective is what allows so many people to finally overcome fear and create sales results without feeling stressed.

Bold and Classy Selling is about creating results quickly, earning the income you are worth and enjoying a huge improvement in your overall quality of life. You too can maximize results and eliminate fear!

Contact me today to book your 30-minute free ‘sales’ consultation so you can see how I can help you with your selling fears.

To your selling success,
Anne Johnson

P.S. Here’s a few little known facts about me for your amusement:

  • First Female Graduate of “Bud Nelson’s Packer and Guide Wilderness School”, Jackson Hole Wyoming (1976)
  • Charter member of “Harley Owners Group” and “Ladies of Harley Group” (1982)
  • Once served on the FDA Consumer Advisory Board