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Dear Entrepreneur, Business Owner or Sales Professional…

Do you ever feel powerless in a sales situation? Do you wish you had what it takes to take charge of an opportunity and own the moment free of guilt, fear and other barriers we tend to create for ourselves?

Believe me, I know how it feels to be afraid to pick up the phone due to fear of rejection. Or afraid to ask for the sale for fear of being judged or not liked.

And let’s not forget the fear of feeling inferior to the person you’re speaking with and not wanting to be found out as a fraud (despite that not being anywhere near the truth).

Unfortunately, the help to overcoming these problems hasn’t been bountiful either. With 25 years of sales experience, I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly in training programs that were specifically designed for aggressive old school fast talkers…

Not for genuine and professional sales people in 2014.

They amounted to the same old super aggressive or tired and out of date sales techniques that have destroyed many a promising sales career.

I don’t know about you, but I want to be authentic in my sales techniques and not resort to any hidden tactics.

The good news is there are simple changes in selling techniques that can help you today with these challenges.

The key is in understanding that no matter what your business is… your ability to sell yourself will ALWAYS be in demand and will help you achieve nearly anything you want in life or in finances.

The better your sales ability
the better your lifestyle…
no matter what business you’re in!

Sounds simple… and it can be.

But it took me a long time to master the same philosophies that launched me to the top of my game.

I’m Anne Johnson and my passion is helping people just like you to overcome these challenges. I am devoted to helping you increase your results in business so I have put together this six-week audio training series that will do just that!

What if all the hard work it typically takes to succeed in marketing and selling — the maddening, time consuming prospecting you must do — endless dealing with objections — snail-paced conversion systems to get them on your side — and all the rest were magically swept away?

What if all you were left with was the opportunity
to double or triple YOUR income rapidly?

Sounds too good to be true — I know. But here is your chance to get in on the opportunity, completely without risk.

Traditional Sales Techniques Aren’t Effective Any Longer…

  • They were designed to be aggressive… not bold (big difference).
  • They were passed down through the generations, and classy was not what was on top of the list back then.
  • Lastly… they were designed for pushy old-school sales people.

Trying to make a super aggressive style fit a sincere sales person’s style…
…simply not a good idea.

Which is why I took all the training I received, modified it for my own personality and sales style, and tested many variations of it until I found the perfect combination of selling techniques with relationship building.

I’m Now Ready to Share With You
My Complete Step by Step System…

The 5-Step Bold and Classy Lead
Qualification and Sales Conversion System

  • Lead qualification and sales conversion system MP3 imageSTEP ONE: Learn to embrace your fears and develop your Bold & Classy listening skills.
  • STEP TWO: Learn to qualify your prospect and clarify the opportunity.
  • STEP THREE: Utilize urgency and transition towards an optimal solution while eliminating objections so you can talk money!
  • STEP FOUR: Optimize your calendars while you clarify, qualify and follow through with prospects.
  • STEP FIVE: Dive deep…. Overcome your resistance to closing a sale and learn to handle additional objections while taking care of last minute challenges.

Specifically, on this 6-part audio training series you will learn:

  • …How you can DRAMATICALLY increase your qualifying and closing skills.
  • …How you can increase your bottom line, permanently re-wire your brain to think like a million-dollar-a-year earner… and cultivate these skills for your entire entrepreneurial journey or sales career.
  • …How to MASTER the simple steps that connect effortlessly with those who make a difference in your life and business. No more wasting time on the endless circle of ‘talking-with-people-who-have-nothing-better-to-do’.

Imagine feeling empowered to confidently make a sale and know you have made a positive difference in someone’s life!

I work from home as a bookkeeper and am the administrator, bookkeeper, marketing person, secretary and gofer for our metalworks business. Unfortunately we (my husband and I) both suck at selling, to be blunt. Ergo I chose to watch your teleseminar regarding women and sales. So many things rang true for me while listening to you. I can’t wait to start the 6-week session; I need your help and can imagine that it will filter through into other aspects of my life which would be great too!
With anticipation,
Colleen in small town Canada

Can you picture signing 10 new customers every single week into your business?

Maybe that isn’t your main goal here… but think about what it could do to your monthly income.

Sign up today for this intensive, 6 part step-by-step audio recorded series and start being a Bold & Classy sales super star today!

Whether you are a Dominant Personality Individual, An Analytical Personality Individual, An Amiable Relater (one who’s priority is to make friends and be part of a team), or someone who loves to have fun while making money, I’m confident you will LOVE my Bold and Classy Lead Qualification and Sales Conversion System!

You Will Learn:

  • How to MASTER the 5 steps to connect effortlessly with those who make a difference in your life and business. No more wasting time on the endless circle of ‘talking-with-people-who-have-nothing-better-to-do’.
  • 3 “off-the-wall” approaches you can start using IMMEDIATELY that work even better for taking most prospects who are sitting on the Fence off the Fence. (It truly hurts to sit on the Fence!)
  • A brain-dead simple, yet highly effective way to “diagnose” your prospect correctly. When you master this – you will know within minutes if they are right for you and your team.
  • Discover why it is that so many people in the sales industry barely eek out an income, let alone a million-dollar-a-year machine.
  • A “secret system” to transition your prospect correctly from a ‘hesitant Harry’ to a ‘buying Bob’.
  • How to build intense objection handling techniques, without falling into the pitfall of confrontation that has plagued the traditional sales model.
  • The big mistake 98% of entrepreneurs make when “Following Through” effectively with their prospects. The great part? You also can enhance the process with the correct use of the tone of your voice (simple tips to use in your voice to be more effective on rapport building).
  • The simple change in the way you listen that doubles the effectiveness of all of your prospecting and sales calls.
  • How to be ‘in-the-moment’ while prospecting with dream clients (this is so obvious once you hear it, but I have never seen it taught in this way before)
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Lead Qualification and Conversion 6 part selling philosophy course audioSimply click the button above and you will be taken to our secure shopping cart. Then you will get instant access to this valuable Bold and Classy Lead Qualification and Sales Conversion System 6 part downloadable MP3 and PDF transcript series.

This online course will give you all the tools, skills, and the secrets you require in order for you to sell boldly while maintaining a classy approach!

…If not you… Who?

…If not now… When?

Step up and create the abundant life you are meant to lead!

Think about this…

No matter what your business is… your average client is probably worth thousands of dollars in sales over the time you do business with them.

Am I Right?

Think about what the first sale is worth to you. Then think about every subsequent sale you make with that client over the years.

Now add that together.

Now factor in how much each referral they send you is worth.
The number can be staggering!

Yet most entrepreneurs and sales professionals have NEVER thought it through, let alone documented it.

Just one more single client you gain from the tools you learn in this program MORE THAN returns your investment… right?

Imagine getting one more of those clients a week.

Which easily happens with the Bold and Classy Lead Qualification and Sales Conversion System.

Join me in helping you transform to be the powerhouse woman you always wanted to be….

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Kind regards,
Anne Johnson

PS: Remember, it took me 25 years of consistent testing new techniques for out-selling the best. This series of recorded MP3 files and PDF transcripts will walk you through the exact steps you can take, while maintaining your class, your dignity, and your sanity.

I guarantee these will be solid, usable and bankable techniques you can start using the very next day.

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