Sales Coaching That Drives Results at Every Level

Accelerate Your Sales Performance with Bold and Classy Coaching

Sales are the lifeblood of a business. That’s why learning how to overcome fear and resistance and sell more effectively is such a critical skill. Bold and Classy coaching delivers proven strategies and action steps that drive maximum results and profitability for individuals and teams.

Sales coaching and training is for you if:

  • You have already had training, but it’s just not working for you and you don’t know why.

  • Just the thought of selling stresses you out and procrastination takes over.

  • You are feeling stuck and need help uncovering what’s holding you back.

  • You want a selling approach that feels authentic and allows you to close more sales, in less time, without being pushy or aggressive.

Imagine what you will gain for a relatively small investment in high-level sales coaching from Bold and Classy Selling

You will:

  • gain unstoppable confidence
  • feel new motivation and drive
  • get more highly qualified prospects and set more appointments
  • nurture prospects and gain their trust
  • master overcoming objections
  • learn to truly listen to prospects to identify buyer needs
  • discover easy ways to close the sale  
  • improve your closing ratio and sell more in less time
  • create an endless flow of referrals
  • meet and exceed sales goals

Not to mention receiving proven methods and strategies to develop and strengthen your sales skills at any level — whether you are new to selling or an experienced sales person wanting to super-charge your sales.

This sales training works in conjunction with the sales materials and training you have already received from your current employer, another sales organization or your favorite sales guru…

The Bold and Classy approach is a compliment to what you have already learned. I take the mystery and the “yucky” feeling out of sales. I even show you how to utilize any materials you may be required to use.

Here are the coaching programs available to choose from:


Bold and Classy Lead Qualification and Sales Conversion System

Lead Qualification and Conversion 6 part selling philosophy course audioWith this 6-part audio training series you will learn:

…How you can DRAMATICALLY increase your qualifying and closing skills.

…How you can increase your bottom line, permanently re-wire your brain to think like a million-dollar-a-year earner… and cultivate these skills for your entire entrepreneurial journey or sales career.

…How to MASTER the simple steps that connect effortlessly with those who make a difference in your life and business. No more wasting time on the endless circle of ‘talking-with-people-who-have-nothing-better-to-do’.

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VIP Sales Coaching

If you are looking for an in-depth, hands on, personalized coaching intensive this is it. This special program is for highly qualified, highly motivated individuals.

You’ll breed new levels of sales mastery as you discover how to maximize every customer contact to promote loyalty and profitability, negotiate like a pro, and unleash your referral engine.

You’ll become a highly polished sales professional as you experience new achievement, fulfillment and profitability.

Sales Mastery Program

This 12-week coaching program helps experienced sales professionals to take your sales performance to new heights of success. In addition to the basic sales training, you’ll go deeper into planning and prospecting with an intense focus on consultative questions.

With high level support and accountability you’ll reach new heights of performance as you develop consistent habits that drive success. Plus, you’ll uncover secrets for recruiting and coaching your own sales team.

Jump-start Your Sales Success Program

This six-week one-on-one coaching program prepares you for unlimited sales success! From start to finish you’ll master the entire sales process from introductions and networking, to referrals, qualifying prospects, overcoming objections, and closing.

You’ll gain new-found confidence as you eliminate fear and powerfully slash sales resistance.


Sales Team Training

This group coaching produces sustainable performance improvements for sales teams. Team members will discover how to become more productive in every phase of the sales cycle from making sales, to closing deals, and building lifetime loyal relationships.

It’s training that is highly relevant and targeted to meet your company’s specific needs.

Sales Management Coaching for Leadership

Be a highly effective team leader. Learn how to manage, move, and motivate. Harness the strength of your unique leadership style. Discover secrets to running a sales meeting. Motivate team members to achieve their personal best. Create the accountability that drives team results. Your sales team will be poised for unstoppable performance.

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