Leslie Tolbert

VP in Sales for Coloredge, the nation’s premiere Visual Marketing Company for the top brands in retail.

Just landed back in LA and I have to tell you my presentation went great with what I learned from your content. I found myself saying well, “It Depends”, they got it and agreed. I am now bidding on 4 projects they hadn’t considered me for until we met today, very cool!


Jennifer Holmes

Health Management Champion

Jenn HolmesAfter years of searching how to grow a better business I found Bold and Classy Woman, Anne Johnson.

She worked closely with me and my needs to help me break selling blocks that were keeping me stuck in the same place. She provided me with great value and support in a safe environment to cultivate my selling skills.

Anne knows how to listen, teach and correct in a compassionate loving manner.


Lisa Buckalew

HiveWire 3D Co-Founder

I got to know and work with Anne after meeting at a women’s conference and experiencing the Bold and Classy Selling strategies she shared. Before too long I began to realize that the strategies she shares for overcoming the challenges of making the sale are strategies that apply to the whole of life and my relationship to truly living it, alongside and in partnership with those I get to share it with.

To me, Bold and Classy Selling has evolved into Bold and Classy Living, with Anne at the front of the pack leading the way. She has shown me, and continues to show me, how to have the courage to be bold in going for my dreams while being in partnership with the embodiment of the humility required to achieve them with class.


Chandra A. Harbaruk

Sr. Life Strategist & CEO
Designing Destiny Enterprises Ltd.

Chandra A. HarbarukI was starting to think there wasn’t such a thing as a coach and mentor that could truly guide me through to simplifying the complexity of all of the hats that I wear in my business and in my life, until I met Anne Johnson. This lady positively changed my world.

Anne you recovered much of the greatness within that I was about to toss. You consistently reminded me of why I am here and you reequipped me with all of the critical tools that I require to progress fearlessly/confidently forward.

You heavy handily, whole heartedly propelled me forward through one of the most transformational periods of my life – in which my business has not only survived, but in light of you, thrived from. You professionally, intuitively and realistically provided exactly what I required every step of the way.

Anne you are the coach of all coaches, beyond words, beyond measure!

Allison Gentile

Owner, Born In Brooklyn Jewelry

I was Struggling with Sales, feeling confused and intimidated by the whole process, until I found Anne Johnson. With a few clear and simple insights she turned everything around for me, and made Selling both Easy and Fun. Not only am I Successful at Selling now… but I actually look Forward to it!

Francine J. Colangelo

Co-Founder Blue Agora

Francine ColangeloWorking with Anne Johnson has enriched my life on many levels and helped me grow as a business woman.

With her expert guidance, I have overcome some deep rooted fears and found a solid footing from which to leap confidently into my potential as an entrepreneur. Her knowledge of business and selling is extensive and she shared it generously and efficiently providing me both with insights and useful tools.

However, it’s her rare talent for infusing her business savvy with creativity, imagination and flare that brought me the most satisfaction in our work. In doing so, she helped me stretch my playing field in a way that respected my essence and acknowledged my values while strengthening the purpose and inspiring the growth of my company.

I deeply appreciate our collaboration and cherish her presence in my life!

Peggy DiSalle

Wellness is My Passion

I keep saying I wish I had Anne all day long with me as I make my calls so she can whisper in my ear the right thing to say to a prospective customer or business associate. I am going to make a bracelet that says “WWAS” What would Anne say?

The one thing that I love about Anne’s teaching style is that she alters whatever we are doing that day to what I have been experiencing the previous week. We go over scenarios of actual interactions that I have had with customers and how to correct or adjust even what I did right.

I would highly recommend Anne for Sales Coaching. She has worked with me and directly with my team and has made a huge difference in how and what I say to my clients and my team.

Thanks Anne!

Shihan Kim Colvin

6th Degree Black Belt, Chief Instructor – Owner Elite Force Martial Arts

Shihan Kim ColvinAnne Johnson, the Bold & Classy Selling Expert has restored my Belief in Myself….!

I have really Enjoyed Bonding with a Female Business Coach who Actively Listens to me and Validates that my thoughts are not so crazy. Anne not only allows me to talk things through but she also follows up with me on my results just to give me that extra Strength and Push when it’s needed!

Anne coaches in a way that does Not make me feel bad badly about Myself but in a way that Challenges me to obtain Higher Goals which still remain Congruent with my Personal Integrity and Ethics! I was looking for a Mentor that was not only a Business Woman but a Mom. I found it in Anne.

As a direct Result I have Strategically Increased the bottom line numbers in my Business by Greater than 20% Across the Board!

Plus… my Sales Skills keep on getting Stronger and more Effective so I’ve Consistently achieved better results Qualifying and Converting even more leads from my Open Houses and other Marketing Events.

I am not as afraid of rejections and looking at them more as learning experiences and have learned, through Anne not to take them personally or to carry them in to other presentations.

In addition to Overcoming my own personal areas of Fear and Resistance about Prospecting and Selling, Anne has also worked with me in my role as a Sales Manager. She really taught me the fundamentals of Effective team Building through Listening/Motivating/Managing with Empathy not Sympathy. Even the team feels Anne is in their corner and see her as additional support.

Most Importantly I learned to Expect more from my Team and Consequently I gained more Respect!

Anne Johnson is truly Motivating!

Colleen Cody-Rupp

Sales and Marketing Manager

When we first began working together, I had a lot of ‘hang-ups” about selling and no confidence in my ability to approach potential customers, let alone to “sell” something to them. You have been a huge help in overcoming my fear and resistance about selling and have given me the confidence to approach anyone!

With your help, I now save valuable time by determining sooner rather than later whether an individual has real potential to be a customer. In past, I would spend considerable time talking to someone, only to learn that they didn’t have any possibility of affording the quality of work that we create. By teaching me how to “qualify prospects,” you have helped me to overcome my discomfort in discussing the “money” issue. This has also helped with the opposite issue… unnecessarily underselling the prospect by projecting my own fears and assumptions onto them. I no longer assume that the prospect will find our prices too high. Many people see the quality and appreciate the value of the work we do and they are willing to pay for it.

Through your coaching, I have also become aware of the importance of networking and of nurturing contacts made. It’s not just what you know, but who you know AND how well you know them. This definitely has created new work for us in the past 6 months and will continue to do so, even in this rather slow market.

No longer do I take objections and rejections personally which makes business, more specifically selling, much easier on the spirit. Now, I work through the objections with prospects and get to the true reason for the rejections. It is a reality that some prospects will say no . . . but every no gets you closer to a YES!

Certainly I have learned more than this through our coaching sessions, but these lessons stand out for me and are the ones I have most benefited from. In addition, it was a pleasure to work with you over these past months and I look forward to keeping in touch and letting you know how business is progressing… The learning is far from over and I will continue to hone my skills. Your voice will continue to whisper in my ear!

Darius M. Barazandeh

Founder of the transformational You Wealth Revolution™

My experience with Anne Johnson was fantastic. Her event was well run, helped me get very strong sales and they made it easy for me. I had a very high closing rate due to the quality of her list and the strong audience she brought to the table. I highly recommend speaking on her series and would welcome the opportunity to do it again. She is top notch!